A Lesson in Courtesy

We all have our bad days when nothing seems to go right and you just don’t feel like your usual happy/perky/sunshine-y self. On these days, it’s understandable to give your good attitude a break and just be a big ol’ jerk. However, even if you’re having one of those days, some behavior is just inexcusable. Here are three quick lessons in courtesy to ensure you’re always on your best behavior, even when you’re not feeling your best:

  • If you walk into a store and the nearest associate gives you their best fake smile and asks how you’re doing, the least you can do is say “fine.” Bonus points for asking how she’s doing. Think of it this way: you only have to be fake nice once. She has to be fake nice ALL. DAY. You do NOT want to be the guy that makes everyone feel like this:
  • Don’t block a busy driveway/intersection at a red light. Seriously, you’re just going to cause a major cluster and unnecessarily piss a lot of people off. Also, if I generously DON’T block a driveway/intersection, don’t sit behind me honking your horn and trying trying to maneuver your way around me. I know you’re in a hurry to get home to watch Extreme Makeover, but we’re sitting at a red light…where do you think you’re going to go? Unless you driveThe Gadgetmobile, you’re just going to have to sit and wait at the light with the rest of us.
  • Say “thank you.” This one is so simple but makes a HUGE difference! If someone takes time of their schedule to help you or even just holds the door open for you, it’s perfectly acceptable to take two seconds and thank them. Trust me, they’ll feel better, you’ll feel better and the world will be a better place!
Images courtesy of colormedee.wordpress.com and usedcarsspokane.net

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