Friday Find

For most of you, Friday is probably your favorite day of the week. It means the end of your busy week and the start of your weekend which no doubt includes partying, sleeping in and lots and lots of shopping. For those of us who work in the world of retail, it’s the worst day of the week because it means one thing: we’re going to have to deal with people like YOU.

So to celebrate the start of your awesome weekend, and to make myself feel better at the start of my not-so-awesome weekend, I’ve introduced “Friday Find” a short little segment highlighting one thing I’m obsessed with at the moment. Enjoy!

Ok here’s what I’m lusting after this week (hint: it’s not JB’s new ‘do):

This Taner Charm bracelet by Gorgana really gets me going (ahem, unlike JB’s new hair…seriously, what kind of girlfriend is Selena Gomez to let him out looking like that? Almost makes me feel bad for his alleged baby mama) and I love how dainty it is.

Now, I generally follow the “bigger is better” philosophy when it comes to jewelry, but this delicate gold bracelet is just gorgeousss. Bracelets are definitely having a moment right now, and this would look lovely with an armful of bangles or on its own.

Plus at $45 on it’s an affordable splurge…unless you’re like me and are actually trying to SAVE money right now. I think I’ve got a birthday coupon headed my way, so I may just have to treat myself, economy be damned. And it’ll be the perfect accessory to get into the holiday spirit since my bracelets and I will be making more noise than a pair of jingle bells!

Happy Friday everyone!


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