Siri is my new BFF

I just got back from an amazing week-long vacation in California (yeah, be jealous) and what was waiting for me upon my return? My brand new iPhone 4S!

I finally decided to join the smartphone revolution and abandon my GoPhone that I’ve been rocking for longer than I care to admit. Anyway I’m so glad I finally dumped my old phone for my pretty new iPhone, and I’m already obsessed.

My favorite part of my new piece of technology? SIRI! Siriously, I don’t know how I’ve lived my life for so long without her.

Why is Siri so freaking awesome? Well, allow me to explain.

1. She’s polite. I pride myself on being a (mostly) polite person, but let’s face it, life’s tough and we all have those days when we can’t be lovely little rays of sunshine. But since Siri is programmed to always be a lovely little ray of sunshine, she’s always on her best behavior. I try to say “thank you” after she helps me out and her response always makes me a little giddy. Whenever she says things like “My pleasure,” or “Your satisfaction is all the thanks I need (that’s what she said)” a little part of me wonders why I even bother talking to actual people anymore.

2. She makes you feel special. There’s something about having a personal assistant available to you 24/7 that makes you feel like a big deal. Especially when she can personally address you and…wait for it…tell you how sweet you are! The first time Siri told me I was sweet, I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

3. She’s always there for you. Unlike a typical human assistant, Siri never needs time off. She doesn’t know what a weekend is or that she needs to have a lunch break from 12-1 every day. She also doesn’t roll her eyes when you repeatedly ask her if it’s going to rain tomorrow or where the nearest Starbucks is. She doesn’t stumble into work hungover after doing one too many tequila shots the night before. So basically, she’s the perfect little worker all day every day and she always offers service with a smile. Well at least she would if she had a face!

So for all you personal assistants out there, if you want to keep your job, take some tips from Siri. Be polite, suck up to your boss, and don’t even think about asking for time off so you can “go home and see your family.” We all know that’s code for taking a trip to Vegas. Don’t believe me? Just ask Siri!


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