So You Wanna Shop Online…

If you’re cool enough to be reading this, you probably already have lots of experience using the internet. There have been so many innovations lately in the online world from social media to online advertising to streaming video. However my favorite favorite FAVORITE online invention has to be (you guessed it!) online shopping.

Over half of my closet is from online retailers, and I’m constantly asked for tips about online shopping. So here is an early Christmas gift from me to you: all my online shopping tips compiled into one handy dandy blog post!

1. Comparison shop. Find a pair of shoes or jeans that you just have to have? Well don’t just buy them at the first site you come across, silly! Google the item and make sure you check out Google Shopping to  see what site is offering thatoverpriced fabulous pair of dark wash jeans at the best price. Other good sites to check out are department stores (i.e. Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc.),PiperlimeBlueflyShopBopOverstockZapposEndlessAmazon and 6pm. Also, don’t forget to check out the brand’s website–sometimes they run special promotions and sales.

Google Shopping

2. Sign up for emails. Tons and tons of websites offer special discounts to new email subscribers. If you’re really dying for a certain piece but don’t know if you’ll ever shop at that website again, go ahead and sign up for their emails (it also doesn’t hurt to follow them and Like them). You can always unsubscribe later. In fact, I’ve been known to create multiple email accounts to get these discounts. If the website happens to be one of your favorites, keep a look out for coupons and special offers like free shipping.

Yup, thats my actual inbox. Its a sickness.

3. Don’t pay for shipping! There’s nothing I hate more than finding a great deal online only to find out that I have to spend more money to ship the item than what the item actually costs. Seriously, what’s fun about that? Nothing! But there’s really no need to pay for shipping because nowadays lots of websites offer free shipping and free returns. Most of the sites I listed in tip #1 offer free shipping, but if they don’t I have a trick for that too. Many sites offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. So if you happen to live somewhat close to a retailer you purchased from online (and have a high enough credit limit) just purchase enough to get free shipping and then return what you don’t want to the store. **REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT NOTE: BE SURE TO CHECK THAT YOU CAN IN FACT RETURN ITEMS TO A STORE**

4. Do your research first. Once again Google is a useful tool for scoring a great deal online. Feel free to search for coupons and special promos. I’ve found all kinds of coupons just doing this–and if I may quote Forrest Gump, “you never know what you’re gonna get!” I’m also obsessed  with reading product reviews before I make a big purchase. Chances are, if lipstikluvr69 loved that gloss you’re thinking about buying, you will too!

There you have it, my top tips for online shopping (you can thank me later). Now get your credit cards ready, open up your laptop and shop till you drop!


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