What I’m Loving: Ear Cuffs


As much as I love fashion and putting together outfits, my clothing choices tend to be pretty simple and classic. For that reason, I like to make things a little more interesting with my accessories. The one accessory I can’t get enough of right now is the ear cuff.

I spotted a silver and turquoise ear cuff (right) in a local shop recently and knew I had to have it. After all, I used to rock an ear cuff back in middle school when I was still begging my parents for pierced ears (little did they know I’d eventually end up with three holes in each ear).


After picking up the silver ear cuff, I came across a photo of actress (and daughter of Phil) Lily Collins (left) sporting an insane gold chain ear cuff on the red carpet. It spoke to me.

I began the search for a similar, more wearable piece and came across this one (below) on Etsy. It’s by Femmes du Monde, a shop that specializes in unique, bohemian pieces.

After my new ear cuff arrived, I immediately wore it out with a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit. The funky ear cuff really took my outfit from plain and drab to hippie chic with a little bit of rock ‘n roll mixed in. In fact, I love it so much that I wore it in my latest YouTube video!

So if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to take your wardrobe up a notch, why not try an ear cuff? I promise you’ll be feeling like a rock star (or at least a rock star’s daughter) in no time!



5 Beauty Favorites (On a Budget!)

Like many people these days, I’m trying really hard to cut back and save my money. However when it comes to beauty products, that’s easier said than done. I’ve grown skeptical of many drugstore brands but lately I’ve tried to remain open-minded and save instead of splurging on high-end products. With that theme in mind, I’ve created a list of five of my beauty favorites for those of us on a budget. Read on and save! (And if you’d like to see this in video form, click here!)

3001. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo – This stuff is really my new best friend! It has come in handy a few times recently when I’ve been in a rush to get out the door looking halfway decent. It also doubles as a volumizer for those of us not blessed with full, thick locks.

2. Suave Kids Detangling Spray in Double Dutch Apple – After growing tired of struggling to brush my long, fine hair, I went searching for a detangler. This was the only one I managed to find and I’m so glad I did! A few sprays on my tangly hair and it’s manageable and silky.

3. mark. Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint – While not technically found in the drugstore, this cream blush is still a great deal! I rediscovered these in my makeup drawer recently and have been combining two of the colors (Cheeky and Peachy) to make a custom, peachy-pink blush.


4. NYC In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Water Street Blue – I’m all about saving money on trendy, fun nail polish colors. This is the perfect aqua blue that looks great with a summer tan and will definitely have you wishing you were laying on a sandy beach.

5. Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil– I picked up this bronzer because I didn’t feel like shelling out the cash for another NARS Laguna bronzer. I love that it has SPF 15 in it and it’s so cheap you can just it as an all-over body bronzer without feeling like you’re wasting money.


Hopefully this list inspired you to check out the beauty aisle the next time you’re at the drugstore. What do you do to save money on beauty items? Tell me in the comments section!