How to Vacation Like a Boss (On a Budget!)

Last week, a friend and I took off on a three day trip to New Orleans. Needless to say, it was very fun and we had a great time (if you follow me on Instagram, you saw quite a few pics) despite the fact that we were both watching our pennies. Even if you’re not exactly making it rain, you can still afford to go on a fun trip like I did. Below are some tips and pics:


Travel at unusual times: If you’re able to, travel during the week or the off-season. In my case, we stayed at our hotel midweek, and got a deal on our room by booking in advance and paying ahead of time. Check out different hotels’ policies to see if any of these deals apply.

IMG_3202Check out tourism websites: The first thing I did when I started planning my trip to New Orleans was visit the city’s tourism website. There’s TONS of information on local attractions, festivals, hotels, and even special coupons for restaurants and other activities. I highly suggest visiting the tourism website of whatever area you are planning to visit. You never know what you may find!

Look for “free” activities: I hate going to new places without learning some of their history. As I was looking for guided tours in New Orleans, I stumbled across a company called Free Tours by Foot. They offer tours in many cities and allow you to pay whatever you want for your tour based on how you like it. I booked two walking tours with them and they were excellent! And since I wasn’t locked into a certain rate, I was able to save a little bit of money.

Save on transportation: I love flying when I travel but, let’s face it, airfare can be expensive. Explore your options when it comes to transportation! My friend and I were able to book bus fares for $5 each way through Megabus, a worldwide bus company that offers low fares to many major cities. Again, we booked in advance and were able to travel at inconvenient unusual times.


Where is your favorite place to travel on a budget? Share your tips with me below! Oh, and the picture above is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s house in New Orleans–one of the many things I learned on the walking tour!



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