What’s in my Bag??

I’ve been wanting to do a “What’s in my Bag?” post for a while because I love reading other people’s posts on the subject. I even tried to film a “What’s in my Bag?” video, but it was just way too awkward and I wasn’t going to put you all through that! 

In case you’re wondering, my bag is the Speedy 30 Bandouliere by Louis Vuitton. Honestly, I never thought I would own a bag like this, but once I saw it, I fell in love and had to have it!


This bag may look a bit small, but I’m always amazed by how much it holds. A few essentials I carry around with me are my aviator sunglasses, iPhone (not pictured because I was using it to take these pictures!), gum, headphones, ibuprofen (in case of headaches), hand cream, a manicure kit from Sephora, and five (yes, FIVE) frozen yogurt spoons in case I’m feeling extra hungry and feel the need to eat that many bowls of fro-yo.

Obviously, I can’t go anywhere without my wallet. I’m so in love with my polka dot wallet by Kate Spade. I purchased it from eBay several years ago and the pink zipper pull is really what sold me on it. It’s held up really well over the years and I’m very happy with it! I definitely recommend Kate Spade’s wallets if you’re looking for a cute, durable wallet that will put a smile on your face every time you look at it!


Last, but certainly not least, are my makeup/in case of emergency bags. I’m not one for carrying my whole makeup collection around with me, so the most I usually have on hand is some pressed powder and lip gloss. LOTS of lip gloss. I also have oil-blotting sheets, hand sanitizer and a Coach Poppy perfume sample.



What essentials do you carry in your bag? Feel free to share your “What’s in my Bag?” posts with me…I’d love to read them!


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