September Favorites (& One UnFavorite!)

Well here we are, another month is coming to an end! Although I love the summer months, I have to say, I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming cooler weather. This month, I tried out lots of new products and found several winners. Read on to find out what products were hits, and which product was a total miss!


1. L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Makeup: I recently purchased this foundation at Target after reading some good reviews about it. After trying the product, I wrote my own review on it. Obviously, I really like it since it is in my Favorites this month. It offers just enough coverage for my skin, and if I need a little more coverage, it is very buildable. Since this foundation is a liquid to powder formula, it dries to a nice matte finish, but I still look like I have fresh, healthy skin.

IMG_34622. L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush: This product was a total impulse purchase. After picking out the Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation, I was browsing the other L’Oreal makeup and this one caught my eye. It’s a bronzey, rose gold color (check out my attempt at a swatch on the left–I promise it looks better in person!) that is shimmery and looks so beautiful on the skin. I’ve been wearing it constantly as an eye shadow or liner. However, my favorite way to wear this shadow is on my lower lashline and smudging it out to create a smoky effect. It’s creaseless and lasts all day without budging! Buy it!

3. Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One Mascara: This is another product I’ve previously reviewed, and I couldn’t resist adding it to my Favorites list this month. I’ve tried so many different drugstore and high-end mascaras, but I keep going back to this one. It volumizes my lashes and doesn’t clump at all. Also, if you’re into layering your mascaras, this one works great as a base coat.

IMG_34684. Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea: I’ve been getting into drinking tea recently, and picked this up on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s. I normally drink green teas, so this white tea was new for me. I don’t add any sugar or honey to my tea and this particular flavor is delicious. And it’s pink, so what’s not to like?

5. Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Gradual Tanner: Although I like being nice and bronzed, I try to limit my sun exposure. For that reason, I’ve tried out many different sunless tanners in the hopes of achieving that perfect summer glow. I’m a big fan of gradual tanners because they’re pretty much foolproof. However, they don’t always smell the best. What I love about this gradual tanner from Nivea is its fresh, citrus scent. I can put it on in the morning, do my thing all day, and not even catch a whiff of that telltale sunless tanner scent. It’s a miracle!

6. NYC Smooth Skin Loose Translucent Face Powder: I used to use loose powder all the time, and when I decided I wanted a translucent powder, I decided to try this one out. It was only a few dollars and I absolutely love it! Since it’s translucent, I don’t have to worry about it matching my skin tone exactly. I also feel like it keeps my skin looking matte longer than a regular pressed powder. Plus, did I mention it’s only a few dollars? It’s a little messy so I wouldn’t recommend it for travel, but it’s perfect to use at home to keep your makeup in place.

My September UnFavorite:

Sally Hansen Wax Kit: I picked this kit up after reading good reviews on it. I’ve never tried waxing because it really hurts (obviously) but this one claimed to be pain-free because of a pre-wax treatment that numbs the skin. I decided to try it out and, after reading and following all the directions to a tee, it still hurt like a mother. I didn’t expect it to be completely pain-free, but man, did it hurt! And on top of that, it left my skin red and irritated for several days. I tried it again a couple days later and had the same outcome. Do yourself a favor and don’t get this product. Unless you like having painfully irritated, red skin. Ouch.

Do you have any favorite products from the past month? Let me know if the comments section so I can check them out!


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