My Favorite Holiday Cocktail

Although technically Christmas may be over, I can still feel the holiday spirit in the air. Plus, with New Year’s Eve just around the corner, there’s still plenty to celebrate!

So to keep the holiday spirit going, I thought I’d share my favorite holiday cocktail–the Red Rooster–with all of you. My mom and I make this recipe every year around this time and it’s definitely a tradition I look forward to!


You can find the original recipe right here, but I like to jazz it up just a bit. For this recipe you will need:

     1 1/2 quarts of cranberry juice (I usually use a low sugar version)

     1 can of frozen orange juice concentrate (You can use a little bit more for some extra zippity pow!) 

     2 cups of vodka (Or, you know, you can use a little more depending on how your day is going)

     Bourbon (This is one way I jazz up the recipe–I find it adds a little extra flavor and you can add as            much or as little as you like)

     Lime/Key Lime juice 

Once you’ve gotten all of your ingredients together, combine them in a plastic container (preferably one with a lid). Pop it in the freezer for a few hours, or until it reaches a slushy consistency. Keep in mind that the more alcohol you add, the slushier it will be. You can also make this recipe sans alcohol, but it was been a little more frozen.

Serve in festive glasses with the garnish of your choice–I’m partial to a lime. You may also squeeze some lime or key lime juice on top for extra flavor.

Do you have any holiday cocktail recipes? Share them with me in the Comments section!

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