20 Little Facts About Me

I first saw this post on College Prep, a great blog I follow, and thought it would be something fun to do. Plus, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m completely bored. So, if you ever wanted to know 20 random things about me, read on! And feel free to share your list with me!

1) My favorite color has and always will be pink. I tried to deny it when I was younger, but now I just embrace it!

2) I’m obsessed with wearing scarves. They keep me super warm and make my outfits look a lot fancier than they really are.

3) I was really into Justin Bieber when he first started out, but now I just wish he would go away. No offense, to any Beliebers who may be reading this.

4) Target is my favorite store in the world.

5) I don’t watch much TV, but when I do it’s usually something on HGTV.

6) When I was younger, I had short hair. One day at kindergarten a boy said that because I had short hair that meant I wasn’t a girl–even though I was wearing a dress at the time. I think that moment may have contributed to my current beauty and fashion obsession.

7) I can’t leave the house without ChapStick. If I happen to find myself without it, I get a little anxious.

8) My favorite number is two.

9) One of my favorite cities in the world is San Francisco.

10) Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show of all time. I have the entire series on DVD and am constantly watching it.

11) I spent a lot of my childhood living in a house on the beach in Hawaii. I wasn’t allowed to go surfing until after I finished my homework.

12) When the movie Twilight came out on DVD, I watched it every day for several weeks. Please don’t judge me.

13) Frozen Reese’s are my favorite candy. Try it.

14) I have three piercings in each ear and I kind of want more.

15) I love going to the dentist.

16) I can’t drive a car without music…it’s just too quiet!

17) I’m horrible at math.

18) Broccoli is one of my favorite foods.

19) I used to not like being tall, but now I really like it.

20) I can’t wait for baseball season to get here!

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3 thoughts on “20 Little Facts About Me

  1. Clydette Frederick says:

    Thank you Claire. I have always enjoyed the forwards that go around that involve answering questions about one’s self as it was always comforting to know what friends enjoy the most. Love pink also though it is not a good color for me. Bet you are excited about your upcoming trip and hope you will take many photos so that next time we get together with Marcia, you can show us all. Still can’t shake the darn crud but do plan on working tomorrow. Have a great week. Clydette p.s. we may be getting an offer on our home tomorrow. Wish us luck!

    • thattallgirl says:

      That’s so exciting about your house! I hope it happens! And yes we are very excited about the upcoming trip…it’s only a week away now! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures so I can show you at our next lunch. Don’t work too hard tomorrow! 🙂

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