Going to Europe—HELP!

Hi everyone!

So I’m headed off to Europe on Sunday for a couple weeks. I’m so excited but was wondering if any of you could help me! The last time I was in Europe I only had a few days in each city. This time I’ll be able to explore a bit more. I’m looking for recommendations for shopping/restaurants/off the beaten path stuff to do in Rome and Paris. I’ll also be spending a couple days in Milan and Lyon.

we'll always have paris...

If you have any recommendations please please please leave them for me in the Comments section–I would be so grateful!

Hope you are all having a great week!


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3 thoughts on “Going to Europe—HELP!

  1. Clydette Frederick says:

    I could give you a couple of tidbits about both is you are interested. Of course, that would be Rome, GA and Paris, TN. Have a wonderful trip!!

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