Europe Shots

It’s official: I’m baaaack! In case you missed it, I spent the last 2 1/2 weeks traveling around Italy and France with my mom and cousin. And while I had an incredible time, I am very happy to be back home in the good ol’ USA!

I don’t want to do a long winded post about every little thing I did, so I thought I would just share a few of my favorite Instagram pictures that I took along the way.


1604761_10102919092003070_64311195_nOne of the best pizzas I’ve ever had

1531644_10102922737133200_1810049731_nTrevi Fountain–I’m proof that tossing a coin in really does work!

1003081_10102924437450750_888428779_nEven on a rainy day, the Colosseum is still impressive

942495_10102924658532700_1579909666_nVisiting the Pantheon

1480656_10102932384494810_1907850458_nThe Duomo was incredible

1743693_10102935365131590_1478327297_nI loved this flower sculpture in Lyon

1780676_10102939011853530_2072642788_nLyon after dark

1690176_10102946272543050_846820463_nNo Quasimodo, but Notre Dame is still amazing

1239361_10102949534715630_2113088138_nOne of my favorite spots in Paris

1800406_10102957827412000_924124857_nVersailles at sunset–the clouds were really that beautiful #nofilter

1655949_10102941625545670_620797811_nIt never gets old






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