April Favorites

Happy end of April/almost May!

I hope you all had a very happy month–between (still) getting settled at my new job and trying to have somewhat of a life outside of work, I feel like I haven’t had much time to myself. I did however find time to think of a few things I couldn’t live without during the month. Read on to find out what I was absolutely obsessed with during April!

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara: I did a whole review on this mascara, and while I’m not totally crazy about it, I found myself reaching for it quite a bit during April. Now I know that statement doesn’t make much sense, but lately I’ve only been using it on my bottom lashes. Before I bought this product I rarely applied mascara to my bottom lashes. However, the wand on this particular mascara fits nicely with my eye shape and makes applying mascara to my lower lashes a breeze.


Black Boyfriend Blazer: Yes, spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, but I found myself wearing the heck out of my black boyfriend blazer this month. Whether for work or play, this piece adds a nice finishing touch (and an extra layer of warmth) to any outfit I happened to be wearing. I definitely rocked it with jeans, dresses, and trousers all month long! The one pictured below is very similar to the one I have–and it’s on clearance!


Benefit Rockateur: This has been in my Favorites before, but I can’t seem to get enough of this rosy hued blush. It’s so natural looking but gives my skin that little boost it needs to look fresh and alive. I’m definitely more than a  little obsessed!


Merona Striped Shirt: I featured this particular top in a recent “What I’m Loving” post and I still love it just as much now as I did then. It can go casual or dressy (I even wore it to work today) and is so comfortable I never want to stop wearing it.


Benefit Sun Beam: Another Benefit product? Yup! I mostly use this product on my cheekbones as a highlighter but sometimes use it under my brow bone as well. It’s easy to blend and looks very natural on the skin.


Hard Candy Glow All the Way: As the temperatures heat up, I’m wearing more dresses and shorts. This can only mean one thing: it’s self-tanner time. To amp up my color a little bit more, I like to mix this Hard Candy bronzer in with my lotion. It gives me just a hint of color and a little bit of shimmer so that my skin looks nice and glowy. For a full review, just click here.



What were some of your favorite products during April? Tell me in the Comments section!



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Weekend Shots

This weekend was such a whirlwind and I’m exhausted! However, it was so fun and I don’t regret a minute of it: I finished my sixth 5K, watched some cycling, went to some concerts, and ate lots of tasty food!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the weekend, courtesy of Instagram:

IMG_5745I’m by no means a runner, but I was pretty pleased with my 5K time

IMG_5749They were going faaaast! There’s a quick video here.

IMG_5772Cereus Bright, one of the awesome bands I saw perform this weekend. I highly recommend them!

photo-17My #sundayfunday lunch–I think I deserved this after my 5K!

I hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! If you have any weekend-related posts, share them with me in the Comments section!

All About Brushes

As I was trying to decide what to write about next on my little blog, I realized that I talk and talk and talk about different beauty products, but I’ve never really talked about the brushes that I use to apply them. So, today’s post will be all about my most-used brushes and how I like to use them!

s1393628-main-hero1. Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush–I’m not kidding when I say that this brush (pictured at left) changed my life. I used to use a synthetic foundation brush to apply my foundation (and even a gross latex sponge back in middle school and high school) but it was not cutting it. I ordered this brush when I ordered the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and it’s just a dream. It evenly applies my foundation and makes blending out makeup a breeze. It’s by far the most expensive brush I’ve ever owned, but it’s been totally worth it to me! For a little more info on it, check out this post.

2. Powder Brush–I use two. The first one is the Powder Brush by Mark. I’ve had it for years and I love it, but sometimes it drives me crazy. I’ve “replaced” it with the Powder Brush by Real Techniques but I still find myself reaching for it to apply loose and pressed powders and for applying bronzer when I’m not doing a lot of contouring.

3. Mark Blush + Bronzer Brush–I occasionally use this for blush or bronzer, but only when I want to concentrate color onto my cheeks. Otherwise, I use it as a blending brush to make sure my bronzer and blush are all nice and blended together and I have no harsh lines. The Mark brush is no longer available, but any flat top brush would do the trick.

4. Mark All Over Eye shadow Brush–If I could only use one eye shadow brush, this would be the one. Its shape lets me pack plenty of color onto my lid, but the rounded top lets me blend and even apply color to my crease.

5. Mark Eye Shadow Blending Brush–This brush (see below, left) is mostly used for–you guessed it–blending eye shadow. Whenever I have harsh lines from my eye shadow, I go back in with this brush and smooth everything out. It also works well for lightly applying shadow to the outer V of my eye and applying setting powder to my under eyes. This particular brush is no longer available but the Deluxe Crease Brush in this Starter Kit from Real Techniques looks pretty similar.

mark-blending-brush-profile   s1291327-main-hero

6. Mark Eyeliner Brush–As the name suggests, I use this brush when I want to use a dark shadow as eye liner on either my upper or lower lashes. The precise tip of the brush (see above, right) is great because I can easily control where the color goes.  Again, this particular brush is no longer available (I hope that doesn’t mean my brushes are gross and I need to get rid of them?!?) but this one by Mark is a great substitute that I also use.

7. Sponge Tip Brush–I love using this brush when I want to apply a highlight shade to the inner corners of my eye. It fits perfectly with the shape of my eye and I’m not worried that I’ll poke myself in the eye! I also use it to smoke out shadow on my lower lash line. I have NO idea where mine is from, but you can find them at Sephora (and probably even cheaper at Target).

While this is a list of my most-used brushes, it’s definetely not all of them. I like to play around with my brushes and try out new ways to use them.

Which brushes are your must-haves?


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Beauty and Fashion Haul!

If you saw this post, then you know I picked up a few things recently from Old Navy. And of course I couldn’t stop there. I also got a few skincare items from Sephora and a major necklace from BaubleBar.

Here’s a quick roundup of the beauty and fashion items I’ve gotten lately:

IMG_5726 2

Let’s start with the fashion–

I purchased this grey and white striped oxford shirt to wear to work. However, it also looks great dressed down with jeans and a blazer. Plus, the quality of this shirt is really nice–I was impressed!

I’m absolutely obsessed with this tan bucket bag! It holds all my stuff and the strap is long enough to wear as a cross body (which I love).

These ankle boots were such a great clearance find! I wore them all weekend with jeans, but they would also work with dresses or shorts for summer. I like them so much, I picked up a second pair!

This bib necklace from BaubleBar pretty much speaks for itself. It’s such a statement piece, and I’m so excited to pair it with different outfits! Plus I had a BaubleBar coupon to use, and ended up getting a really good deal on it!

And if you saw this “What I’m Loving” post, you know I’ve been dying for a pair of mirrored sunglasses. I didn’t want to drop the cash on mirrored Ray-Bans, so when I saw this pair of sunnies in a local boutique, I knew I had to grab ’em.

Now let’s get on to the beauty–

Sephora offered a VIB discount recently, so I decided to pick up a couple of skincare items. First, I got the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. It’s a great cleanser for removing makeup and doesn’t dry out my skin. I have also heard great things about the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and decided I might as well get that too. I haven’t tried it yet but am very excited to use it!

I’m a sucker for neutral eye shadows, so when I saw this palette from Maybelline, I had to get it. The colors are pretty and subtle and all go together beautifully!



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What I’m Loving: Midi Rings

While I love love love clothes, I’ll be honest–my favorite part of putting together an outfit is the accessories. They really add that extra something and have the potential to push an ordinary outfit over the freakin’ top.

One accessory I’ve been having a major love affair with lately is the midi ring. I’m always on the hunt for unusual accessories, and the midi ring totally fits the bill. Whether you pile on three or four, or just make a subtle statement with one, they’re sure to make any outfit a little extra special.

Here are a few midi rings I’d love to add to my collection:












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Spring Picks from Old Navy

I’ll be the first to admit, Old Navy used to be my jam. Back in my middle school and high school days, it was easy to find whatever I needed there. Lately, though, I haven’t found too much that’s struck my fancy.

I popped in the store today on a shopping trip but (no surprise) left empty-handed. Then, on a whim, I checked out their website and ended up finding quite a few things! Plus they’re offering an additional online-only discount right now.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:



This navy and white dress would like great with a lightweight jacket thrown on top


These polka shorts are just way too fun!

cn7590004These cut-out booties would be great now and in the fall


I’ve been dying to get a bucket bag and I couldn’t pass this one up!

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I Scream, You Scream

Ahh, ice cream. The one thing that most everyone can agree upon. And since it happens to be Free Cone Day over at Ben & Jerry’s, there’s even more reason to celebrate its frozen-ey goodness.

After a long, long day at work, I walked over to Ben & Jerry’s (yes, I work within walking distance of a Ben & Jerry’s. And a bunch of bars. Trouble, I know.) and had a scoop of Chocolate Peanut Buttery Swirl. It was delicious and well worth the price!


So if you have the time, head on out for a scoop of your own! Or just take some time today to relax and have a scoop wherever you may be!



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What I’m Loving: Stripes

If there’s one thing in life that I’m sure of, it’s my love of black and white. Lately, I can’t get enough of this particular shirt. I picked it up from Target (my other love) and can’t seem to stop wearing it! In fact, I might even be wearing it as I type this…#sorrynotsorry

It’s a lightweight, black and white striped knit that is cut to fit a bit looser–so it’s cute AND comfortable! I also love pairing this top with a bold necklace or colorful shoes. The possibilities really are endless!



What are you loving at the moment? Tell me in the Comments below!


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Life Shots

While I’ve been working hard lately, I’ve managed to spare a little bit of time for some fun! Here’s what I’ve been up to, courtesy of Instagram:


I had the privilege of puppy-sitting these cuties…


…And then I hung out with these baby chicks on a farm!


It finally warmed up enough to eat frozen yogurt–outside!


There have been SO many gorgeous days lately…


…I’ve tried to get outside as often as possible!

I hope all of you have been doing well lately! Have a wonderful weekend!