Product Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Happy Sunday everyone! I don’t know about you, but Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. It just feels like such a relaxing, carefree day and I never feel guilty if I don’t do anything productive on a Sunday. However, a few people asked about the Batiste dry shampoo that I featured in my last “Ulta Haul” post, so I thought I’d be a little bit productive today and share my thoughts on it!

newmedbrunette_detailsI’ll admit that I’m a bit of a dry shampoo-aholic. My current favorite is Suave’s Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. I love that it adds volume to my fine hair but also controls oiliness when I don’t have the time (or energy!) to wash my hair. One thing I don’t like about most dry shampoos (my beloved Suave one included) is the white color that can get deposited into my dark hair. To hopefully avoid this little annoyance, I decided to try out Batiste’s Hint of Color line of dry shampoos.

I picked up the dry shampoo in the color Medium/Brunette. I’m not sure if my hair is actually darker than I think it is, but I did notice a light-colored cast to my hair once I sprayed this dry shampoo. It wasn’t as bad as my normal dry shampoo, but I was slightly disappointed in the results. Also, when I went to rub the product into my hair, my fingers turned a little bit brown from the dye used in the dry shampoo. The color did come out easily when I washed my hands though.

One thing I did like was the smell. While a bit strong, it’s much more pleasant than my Suave dry shampoo. I felt more comfortable spraying it because I didn’t feel like I needed to hold my breath to avoid the smell (not that the Suave one smells bad, it’s just not my favorite).

Overall, I don’t think I will repurchase this dry shampoo. I wasn’t blown away by the results, and the fact that I have to wash brown gunk off my fingers every time I use it isn’t very appealing! I think I’ll be sticking to my Suave dry shampoo in the future–it’s a much better price and the results were about the same.

Have you tried any of the Batiste dry shampoo? Share your thoughts with me in the Comments section!



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