Hello, Again!

fdad9b7b3abc67c620ca8fb0de99ed2332cdcf6917f11dc4b53b483aaf984343Well, well, well…this is a little awkward. Or is it just me? It’s probably just me. Anyway, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve checked in on my cute lil’ blog here and I just thought I’d give you all a quick update (is anyone is even reading this?).

Lots and lots and lots of things have been happening in the past few months and I definitely took a very, very long break from blogging.

However, I’ve decided that I miss it and, honestly, I need something to do with my free time other than binge-watching Gilmore Girls and snacking.

So what have I been up to? Well, let’s see…I’ve moved into my own big girl apartment, done a fair bit of traveling, and just tried to find myself. I’m still working on that last one, but hey, a girl’s gotta take her time getting it together sometimes, amirite?

Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and say hey and be on the look out for some posts coming your way soon!


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