What I’m Loving: The Front Tuck

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend–mine was full of pollen, baseball, and forcing myself to wear color despite my natural tendencies to wear black, white and any other neutral you can possibly think of.

On the subject of clothes, there’s one fashion related thing I’ve been loving: The Front Tuck. I’ve done this look on-and-off lately, but have really taken it up a notch after spotting the look on Unfancy, a minimalist fashion blog. While this post shows off a front and center tuck, I prefer to tuck my tops in a little more off to the right. It’s a bit easier for me to pull off, but you do you!

Below are a few front tuck pics to inspire your next outfit:






2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving: The Front Tuck

  1. Amy Schmitt says:

    Love this! Been doing this for a while because a lot of blouses tend to fall too low on me. Happy that it’s an actual thing. Thanks for posting!

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