What I’m Loving: Tufted Sofas

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you may know that I’ve been having a grand old time decorating my very own apartment. While I have everything mostly set up how I want, I’ve always had my eye on one piece of furniture: a tufted sofa. They’re so elegant and feminine and one day I will have one of my own!

Below are a few of my favorite tufted sofas at the moment.

img10oPB Teen


Martha Stewart Collection


Wildon Home


10 Things I Love/Hate Tag

Funny-meme-Love-is-in-the-airHappy Saturday everyone! I’m currently relaxing on my couch with a freshly brewed cup of coffee watching Gilmore Girls and thought I’d post a quick something for all of you!

I was recently tagged by Pinot and Peep Toes (go check out her super cute blog!) to do the 10 Things I Love/Hate challenge. So if you ever wanted to learn a little bit about me (other than what I’ve mentioned here), keep on reading to see ten things I love followed by ten things I hate.


1. Neutrals–clothes, makeup, decor.

2. Flowers! Whether it’s a picture of flowers, or the fresh ones I keep on my coffee table, I can’t get enough.

3. Having my own space. I love living alone and have really been cherishing this time in my life.

4. Chinese food.

5. Traveling. I’ve been to so many amazing places around the world and there are still so many more I want to see!

6. Art history. I could spend all day wandering a museum and learning about artists and their work.

7. Bacon. It makes everything better.

8. Writing and being creative. Hence the creation of this blog!

9. Trying out different craft beers. There are so many varieties out there and I love testing out new ones!

10. Walking. I’ll run every now and then but I could walk forever.


1. Blood. Just the thought of it makes me want to throw up.

2. Not being able to fall asleep. Is this not the most frustrating thing?

3. Fruit flavored gum.

4. Intolerance/general close-mindedness. There’s already enough of this in the world…no need to add any more!

5. Not brushing my teeth. Grossest. Feeling. Ever.

6. Mushrooms.

7. When two different sounds are happening at the same time. For example, when the TV is on and someone turns on the radio. AHHHH!

8. Attention. Don’t look at meeee!

9. When people don’t keep their word. If you said you would do something, do your best to follow through.

10. Driving. Ironically, my car died this week and not having a car to go wherever I want whenever I want is extremely frustrating.

I tag WinstonsBee, sarah loves makeup, and all of you reading this to complete this challenge!

April Favorites

Oh hey, hi, hello! The past couple of weeks have been all kinds of crazy and May definitely snuck up on me a bit.

I don’t have toooo many favorites from April, but below are the few products I loved over the last 30 days.

april fav copy

Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour BrushI picked this brush up at Ulta and I’m so obsessed with it. First of all, look at it–gold, gold, gold! Second of all, it’s an amazing quality brush and does a great job with contouring. Definitely give it a try!

Too Faced Better than Sex MascaraI’ll admit, this was an impulse purchase, and while the name definitely makes me blush, it’s a great mascara. It adds tons of volume and makes my lashes look super fine!

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo: This little guy is my new favorite dry shampoo. It works really well (as in three days without shampooing well–#dontjudge) and it smells great. I might even be headed out to Target tonight to pick up a new bottle!

Share your current favorite products with me in the comments section so that I can try them out in May!