“No Spending” July + August

57983859Happy Sunday everyone! Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week (followed closely by Friday, obviously). It’s a great day to take some time to reflect, recharge and focus on what’s important in the upcoming week.

One thing that is a constant focus for me is saving money. Whether it’s for an unexpected expense or spontaneous trip, I always want to make sure I have plenty of money in the bank.

With that thought in mind, I’ve decided to put a hold on any spending on makeup for the rest of July. I was inspired to do this by Ravishing Roses and I even decided to take the challenge up a notch by extending it through August. AHHHH!

With an overflowing collection of makeup products, I’m hoping this little experiment will help me rediscover a few products in my collection while saving some pennies along the way.

Do you think you could manage a challenge like this? Let me know in the Comments section!


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