Bioderma Dupe?

FullSizeRender-3As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Bioderma is one of my favorite makeup removal methods. I picked up my first (and only) bottle on a trip to Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t fully comprehend its magical powers before I flew back so once I used up my precious bottle, I found myself looking for a replacement.

I decided to try out the Simple Micellar Facial Cleanser Water as it was budget-friendly and readily available at my local Target.

At first glance the two products seem pretty similar. They are both unscented and feature micellar water as the main ingredient. When put to the test, I enjoyed using the Simple micellar water version. And then I got it in my eyes—oh, the burning! Maybe I put too much product on my little cotton round or maybe I’m just too sensitive but my poor little eyes did not like the Simple water.

I’ve lately been much more careful about keeping my eyes tightly shut when removing my eye makeup and I haven’t really had a problem.

Overall, I’d pick Bioderma over Simple. However now that I’m in the midst of “No Spending” July and August, I’ll have to wait a little while if I decide to pick up some more Bioderma. But if I find myself in a pinch and without a good makeup remover, I’ll definitely pick up the Simple makeup remover. I just have to remember to keep my eyes completely closed!


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