July Favorites

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer before the craziness of fall kicks in. Between work, dog-sitting, “No Spending” July and August and buying my dream car (!!!), I haven’t had much time or reason to blog. However, there were a few things I loved in July. Keep on reading to see what I was into!

july favsss copy

  1. Maybelline Dream Bronze BB Cream: I haven’t actually used this on its own—that kind of scares me to be honest! I use it to make my current foundations darker to keep up with the summer tan I’ve recently acquired now that I drive a convertible. It blends in really well with all of my foundations and it’s very affordable!
  2. Strobing: So is this actually that different from highlighting? Anyway, I’m totally into looking nice and glowy and have been using powder and liquid highlighters to achieve this look. Some of my favorite highlighters to use are mentioned here and here.
  3. White Converse: I picked up some white Converse sneaks before a trip a few months ago and wasn’t sure if I could pull them off. However, now I can’t get enough of them. I wear them with everything from jeans to shorts to rompers. I can’t wait to continue wearing them into fall!

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