Product Review: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

IMG_5068I picked up the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation at Sephora recently because I had heard lots of good things about it. My favorite foundation is by Tarte so the bar was set pretty high for this makeup.

Let me start by saying that the packaging of this foundation is not the easiest to work with. It features an eye dropper dispenser and can get a little messy if you’re not careful.

The product itself is a lightweight, light to medium coverage water based foundation. I got the shade Light Medium Honey which is perfect for summer but I probably couldn’t get away with this color in the winter.

The first thing I noticed when using this foundation is the fact that I needed to use a lot more product than I thought I would. It blends out just fine and dries to a pretty matte finish but I still used a powder on top. My skin has been a tad red these days and this foundation covered any redness pretty well.

Throughout the day this foundation lasted on the skin. It didn’t make me oily or break up on my skin, even through a sweaty spur of the moment workout. I do have a couple dry spots on my face that the foundation didn’t get along with so if you have dry skin you may want to pass on this foundation.

I was slightly disappointed that this foundation was a little heavier looking than I thought it would be. However, maybe I used to much product in my attempts to achieve a fuller coverage look (side note: I used less product today but still wasn’t impressed with how my skin looked).

All in all I think this is a good foundation. It wears well throughout the day and helped control oiliness. Although I like this foundation, I wasn’t wowed by it and probably won’t be repurchasing it.

Have you tried this foundation? Tell me your thoughts in the Comments section!


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