New Year’s Eve Party Picks

Over the years, New Year’s Eve has become one of my favorite holidays. You get to dress up, drink champagne, and welcome a fresh start in the form of a brand new year.

In honor of one of my favorite days of the year, I’ve picked a few fun, sparkly pieces to help you ring in 2017 in style.

Which one is your favorite?


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What I’m Loving: Blanket Scarves

If you’ve seen me or my Snapchats at all in the past couple of months, then today’s post should come as no surprise. I’m totally and completely obsessed with blanket scarves and I don’t even care who knows it.

image1xlIt all started with this beautiful scarf–cue the angel choir in the background. Since I wasn’t one of the lucky few to get my hands on the coveted Zara tartan scarf (the ASOS one to the right is also pretty awesome), I picked this one up and I couldn’t be happier. Why is this scarf sooo amazing you ask? Well…

1. Its plaid pattern includes nearly every color imaginable so it goes with everything but still manages to act as a neutral when paired with any print. Try it with stripes–you won’t be sorry!

2. This scarf is warm and cozy and definitely lives up to its name as “blanket scarf.” It’s perfect to travel with since you can snuggle up with it in case you get the chills.

3. The price. You can’t beat a style statement like this one that also keeps you toasty warm for under $20.