What I’m Loving: The Perfect Sweater

If you’re anything like me, you don’t buy a piece of clothing unless it’s juuuuust right. This applies to everything from shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, etc.

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cable knit sweater and I finally found it. I popped into Urban Outfitters to do a return and couldn’t resist doing a little shopping. While browsing the store, I came across the most perfect sweater and decided I had to have it.


It’s a beautiful, cozy cable knit sweater that’s not too heavy, not too fitted and long enough for a tall girl like me. The sweater also has adorable elbow patches and comes in quite a few colors. Plus, it’s currently on sale so snag one while you can!

What fashion item are you loving right now? Tell me in the Comments section!


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Product Review: Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess Palette

If there’s one thing I don’t need more of it’s eye shadow. So what did I buy more of? Eye shadow, of course. More specifically, I purchased the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess palette which features nine eye shadows, a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. I was hesitant to purchase this palette but then realized it would be practical to travel with as it includes everything needed for a look in one slim package. illuminate by ashley tisdale.jpgBecause this palette is so affordable I was skeptical about the quality of the shadows. However, they are beautifully pigmented and blend well. There are five shimmery metallic shades and four matte shades so you really can create any number of gorgeous looks.

The bronzer in this palette is great for warming up the skin and has enough of a cool undertone to contour with. The blush is a beautiful peach that gives me Milani Luminoso vibes. And the highlighter? I’m pretty much obsessed with the golden shimmer shade.

Overall, I think this palette is beautiful and an amazing value. I highly recommend picking one up and I can’t wait to continue using it!

P.S. Click here for a great tutorial featuring the palette and Ashley Tisdale


Five Scarves You Need Right Now

It’s no secret that I’m ready for cooler weather to arrive. I don’t know if it’s because football season is here or the fact that I’m tired of stepping outside for two minutes and ending up drenched in sweat, but I can’t wait for the crisp days of fall. Down south it’s still pretty steamy, but I have hope that the heat will soon subside and I’ll be able to break out my favorite fall accessory: the scarf.

Although I’ve never met a scarf I didn’t like, I managed to put together a list of the top five scarves you need in your wardrobe. Read on more for more!

1. Plaid Scarf

You can’t talk about scarves without mentioning classic plaid. There’s something about a crisp checked pattern that makes me think of the holidays and snowy winter weather.


Shirleah//Spring Fever//Forever21//H&M

2. Leopard Scarf

I realize that not everyone has an affinity for leopard but hear me out. The right leopard print scarf can take a basic outfit from simple to sophisticated and is an unexpected neutral.


BIRCH//Sole Society//La Fiorentina//Styleinch

3. Neutral Scarf

Speaking of neutrals, you can’t have a scarf collection without at least one black, grey or beige piece. It’s the perfect thing to grab when you don’t have time to think and need to get out the door.

neutral scarf.jpg


4. Infinity Scarf

When it comes to easy, breezy accessories, it doesn’t get much better than the infinity scarf. I love traveling with this type of scarf because they’re so easy to toss on and they add an extra dash of style to any outfit.

infinity scarf.jpg

Charlotte Russe//The North Face//Plush//BP.

5. Blanket Scarf

Another travel scarf option is the blanket scarf. It can be worn as a warm and cozy scarf but also doubles as a blanket on those chilly plane rides.

blanket scarf.jpg

Urban Outfitters//Kelly & Katie//Spring Fever//LA77

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A Tale of Two Highlighters

Once upon a time, there was a young maiden who thought her skin looked dull and drab. She craved a golden glow so off to the market she went. After scouring the shelves she came across two bargain products, one a liquid highlighter and the other a powder.

What were these two products you ask? L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator and True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator.


When the time came to test these two highlighters, the young maiden tried the liquid product first. She was pleased to find that it was easy to apply, blendable, and offered the natural, golden glow she craved. The subtle sheen lasted all day and into the night without any trouble.

Next came the powder product. Just like the liquid version, it applied very easily but did not impart the same golden sheen. The young maiden also noticed a few flecks of glitter which wasn’t terrible but not the look she wanted.

Layered together, the maiden found a winning combination for a night out as the liquid highlight stayed put and the powder added an extra pop of shimmer.

Overall, the liquid highlighter was much preferred to the powder due to the beautiful golden sheen and staying power it offered.

Now that the young maiden has found herself a beautiful highlighter, she is sure to live happily ever after…

Throwback Thursday: Hello Kitty Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

Raise your hand if you can’t quite believe that October is almost over. It’s crazy to think that November is just around the corner. But before we head on into a new month, there’s one thing that has to happen first: Halloween!

In honor of the spookiest holiday of the year, I’ve resurrected my favorite pumpkin carving tutorial featuring the one and only Hello Kitty.

Keep reading to a step-by-step tutorial!

1. Pick a pumpkin and clean out all the seeds and gross stuff from inside. This is my least favorite part.

IMG_3698   IMG_3700

2. Find a design you like. For me, simplicity is key. But if you’re up for a more intricate design, go for it. I found the stencil below right here.


3. Tape the stencil on your pumpkin–try to make it as flat as possible. Using a sharp tool, dot along the interior and exterior of the pattern (all the black lines).

IMG_3701 2  IMG_3703

4. Once you’ve dotted all around the stencil, remove the paper. Your pumpkin should look a little like this:


5. Get carving! Don’t be afraid to take your time! And you may need to use several different kinds of tools/knives. A small, serrated knife works well on the curves of this pattern.


6. Once you’ve cut all the way around the pattern, feel free to go back and fix any areas that may not be right. Your pumpkin should look a bit like this:

IMG_3715 2

7. Pop a candle in and enjoy!

IMG_3721 2

What I’m Loving: Ankle Booties

While the weather can’t seem to decide what season it is, I’m definitely ready for the crisper, cooler temperatures of fall. One reason I’m excited for the mercury to drop is so that I can wear cozy fall fashions: cardigans, scarves, and–the point of this post–boots.

I’m currently obsessed with ankle booties and have been wearing them nonstop. Ankle booties are a great staple to have and they make dressing for transitional weather a snap. Whether worn with jeans, dresses, or shorts, ankle booties add a bit of fall to any outfit.

Read on to see a few of my favorite ankle bootie looks!






P.S. I’m currently obsessed with these ankle booties and these–they’re so comfortable and extremely affordable!

November Favorites!

Happy Decemeber! My favorite month is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. In case you were wondering, December is my favorite month because all of my favorite holidays (my birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve) are in it–I’m looking forward to celebrating all month long!

Now that the best month ever is officially underway, it’s time to talk about some of my favorite things from last month:


Tory Burch Kiernan Riding BootsIf you saw this post, you know I recently splurged on a gorgeous pair of riding boots. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of tall boots for a couple of years, and I stumbled upon these a couple months ago. After they went on major sale (and after I found a coupon, of course), I purchased them and I don’t regret it one bit! If you’re looking for a high quality pair of boots, give these a try. They are definitely worth the money!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Bag in TawnyLike my Tory Burch boots, I picked this little bag up on sale and with a coupon. It’s a great everyday bag with tons of pockets inside so I always know where my things are. I’m officially obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff bags now and I highly recommend this one. If you want to see it in action, check out the YouTube video I made about it!


up & up Dual Treatment MoisturizerI picked this up at Target because I wanted something to help with a few breakouts. I’ve been using it during the day and I really like it! I feel like it helps control the oil and breakouts on my face, and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad in Bronzed Beauty: I first saw this on Pinterest, but the cost kind of turned me off. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous colors so I broke down and purchased it. I’m so glad I did! I’ve used these eye shadows almost every day and they are great for creating so many looks. The top two colors work well as base and crease colors, the darkest shade makes a great liner, and the gold glitter is so fun for a night out!

Benefit’s Sun Beam: I love Benefit products and I received this one in a Benefit gift set at Sephora–which you know I had a coupon for! It’s a great golden-toned highlighter and I especially love the brush applicator. I use it on the tops of my cheekbones, my brow bones, and even on my Cupid’s bow from time to time. It really adds a little something special to my look!

What products have you been loving lately? Tell me in the Comments section below so I can try them out too!


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Wednesday Words: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone!

This week’s Wednesday Words are all about–you guessed it–being thankful! A few things I’m thankful for are cute puppies, my health, being able to travel to different places and experience new things, and my amazing friends and family that let me be who I am and always support me.

IMG_3989   IMG_3990

I’m also thankful for all of you reading this right now! I started this blog at kind of a low point so that I would be able to do something I enjoy. I didn’t think I would meet so many wonderful people through blogging, and I’m so grateful for all the support and kind words you have all given me!


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, love, and delicious food!


November Birchbox

This month’s Birchbox is all about giving back. It’s important, especially this time of year, to think of all the things you’re thankful for and take every opportunity you can to help others. Birchbox is even donating a portion of the proceeds from the Birchbox Shop to No Kid Hungry, an organization that works to end childhood hunger.


theBalm cosmetics Stainiac: theBalm is such a fun brand and I was so excited to see this product in my Birchbox this month. It might look intimidating in the tube, but this lip and cheek stain looks nice and rosy on the cheeks, and gives the lips a pretty cherry stain.

DDF Amplifying Elixir: I’m not sure if this product really does what it claims, but it does feel nice on my skin. I think with a little more use I’ll see more of a difference in my skin.

Mighty Leaf Tea – Tea Pouches: As I mentioned in this post, I’m a big tea drinker, so I was very excited to see this in my Birchbox this month. I had the Organic African Nectar this morning, and it was delicious! I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors!

Folle de Joie eau de parfum: I wouldn’t normally wear a fragrance like this during the colder months. To me, it seems more like a spring scent. However, I absolutely love it! It’s a slightly floral scent, but it has enough citrus and spicy notes to make it a little more interesting.

Mox Botanicals Bath Milk: After a long day, there’s nothing better than taking a warm bath. This bath milk by Mox makes any bath feel like a spa experience!

Color Club Harlem Lights Collection in Baldwin Blues: This is a great dark blue color that’s great for the fall and winter. I’ve already put it on my nails which is why I couldn’t find it to photograph!

If you have a November Birchbox post, share it with me in the Comments section!

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