Boot Love

Once the weather starts to cool down, I pretty much live in my boots. Because of that, the pair I’ve been wearing for several years has finally started showing a good bit of wear and tear.

I’ve been searching for nice, leather riding boots for a very long time. I think I finally found the ones:


I scored these lovely Tory Burch Kiernan boots on sale, but they are still quite an investment. However, if you’re going to splurge on a pair of boots, these should be the ones! They are made of beautiful leather, have a fully functioning zipper, and the gold logo on the side is a unique feature. These will definitely make the cold winter months much more enjoyable!

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What I’m Loving: Tieks

If you know me, you know I love a good shoe. And now that the steamy days of summer are (for the most part) behind us, I’ve happily broken out my non-sandal footwear and rediscovered my favorites: Tieks ballet flats!

Available in almost every color imaginable (and even a print or two!) these versatile shoes literally work with everything in my wardrobe. They’re a bit of a splurge I’ll admit, but I treated myself to the Camel pair (at left) and the Cardinal Red pair (below) last Christmas and I haven’t regretted it one bit! By the way I used a coupon Tieks posted on their Facebook page so go “Like” them and keep an eye out for deals…also check out this post for more tips to score deals online.

My favorite thing about Tieks? They’re just so darn COMFORTABLE! As someone who is literally on her feet  all day (oh the joys of working retail :P ) I can put them on first thing in the morning and I’m still going strong when it’s time to clock out and head home.

As I mentioned, they really do go with everything! At work, I pair them with skinny black pants and a flowy top, then I can throw on some jeans and an army jacket for weekend wear, and then pair them with a dress for a dinner out.

The possibilities really are endless. And each pair has Tieks’ signature robin’s egg blue sole which brightens up even the dullest of outfits (for a fun look, I like to match the blue color to a sweater or shirt…it makes the color pop even more).

And if I haven’t raved about my Tieks enough, I just love the company! When my Tieks arrived I found a handwritten, personalized note from them thanking me for my purchase and wishing me well. When is the last time a company did that for you? How about never?! I tweeted Tieks right away saying how pleased I was and they actually responded.

And guess what? I still have the note they sent! How’s that for customer loyalty?

So if you’re looking for some cute, comfortable shoes that will work with everything in your closet, do yourself a favor and get a pair (or two!) of Tieks. Oh and in case you’re wondering, my next pair will be these Leopard Print beauties…I guess I better start saving!